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Focus on the backend, without frontend and authentication

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Problem statement

With two methods: For loop and Counter container

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What the problem and target are:

The extensions: HTML Preview, Live Server and open in browser

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  1. HTML Preview

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  1. The files are ready and I would like to push them to a remote repo(Github)
  2. I make some changes locally and would like…

Cleaning only with Pandas

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  1. How to only use pandas to traverse and clean dirty batch Excel worksheets
  2. Based on step 1, how to traverse batch Excel workbooks and consolidate the report
  3. How to save the Excel file to MySQL database and interact with it.

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And other challenges for a CNN project

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squeeze(), unsqueeze(), tensor[None],max(),argmax(), and view()

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  • squeeze(),
  • unsqueeze() and a[None],
  • max()
  • argmax()
  • view()

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